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We (snaptured.com) are an independent photography community where photographers from different places share their photography works to showcase and get reviews, recognition, comments and improvement of their photos. All photos on Snaptured.com are licensed protected by their original authors/photographers who uploaded to snaptured.com, we (snaptured.com ) are not responsible for any copyright infringement of the uploaded photograph, the uploader is responsible for the copyright issues.

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We are not responsible for some links/photographs which uploaded by users/authors. And we are not responsible for the lost of files uploaded to our site, snaptured.com always keep backup of your photographs.

We will use your photos in website anywhere in snaptured.com and its social media sites.

We have right to stop or terminate any account for any reason, or you can stop or delete your account anytime from our site.

All the submitted images/photos are reviewed by the administrators before going/posting on the homepage, admin retain the sole right to accept or reject the photograph.

We do not accept PORN,  Harassing, Vulgarity and Offensive Photos to upload on our site, if someone tries to upload these kind of photos we will ban them immediately.

We at snaptured.com respect members copyrights and if you find anything wrong or inappropriate please email us to support@snaptured.com immediately.

Please be careful regarding trademarks and brand names before posting photographs to snaptured.com

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