Today we introduce to Sougata Mishra a stunning wedding photographer from Maldah, West Bengal, India, he started photographing since 2012. Lets see what he have to say about his career as a photographer…

Hello and welcome to, please introduce yourself, where are you from etc etc…

Hailing from a remote town , Maldah , which has a very important Historical facts in India, is currently a Professional Wedding Photographer .His Journey as a photographer started in 2012 when he found that apart from studies ,there is one more thing in life that is understanding Nature and its happenings around it .

The rich culture and the varied landscape of India formed the initial footwork Sougata and moved me to frame and freeze the beauty through the lens. Started as a hobby during the college times of Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi , where I completed my Master degree and Bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical sciences. Sougata’s skill as a photographer slowly honed towards self improvisation. Framing was the most important thing for me in photography followed by lights and presence.

You have amazing talent of wedding photography, can you tell us how you got started into wedding photography?

It was 2013 dec when one of my friend, Gagan Sharma , who was pretty impressed with my style of photography asked me if I can shoot his brother’s wedding in Ghaziabad,Uttar Pradesh, India and from there it all started . I shall always be thankful to him .It was him who has taken me out to professional level in photography.

What genre of photography you mostly do? What other genre you like….

For me photography is something to express what I can hold it for the longest possible time . So, I try to capture those frames which says something.Speaking of Genre , I like to shoot the street genre the most because it is this street genre which helped a lot to shoot me in weddings where moments matter the most (in street photography) .
Other genres: Nature

What are the common challenges you face in wedding photography?

So many photographs and so many to edits and time frame is fixed , so that’s one of the biggest and common most challenge I faced.

What took you to be at this level? As a successful wedding photographer?

Success demands rotation of strike and that’s what I follow .Stay in the field and rotate. It took a lot of courage and firm decision to come to wedding photography field from being a handsome packaged Industrial Pharmaceutical Scientist with an experience of 3 years .

What is that you enjoy a lot as wedding photographer?

Traditional aspect learning: I learnt a lot on India’s different cultural aspects based on weddings like Bengali rituals, Telugu Rituals, Tamil Rituals, Marwari Rituals.,etc..

Off-course the Payment done on the basis of the work you love to do.

Typical question, which image is your very best till now? We know all of your images are best but we want to know that one best image

The one which I took on my first wedding assignment. It was a shot of Phera (the wedding vows).
Other Genre: A shot of Howrah station, A shot of an artist hand in making of Pots.

How do you handle differences or misunderstanding from your clients in photographing weddings?

I try to keep it simple. My knowledge on Project management helped me a lot in this . I see a wedding as a project where I decide the timelines based on their requirements and try my level best to deliver them.

If any misunderstanding , then I try to sort it out as soon as possible because in wedding photography business it’s the client who will make you shine like a diamond else a simple glass. So any sort of misunderstanding must be the top priority to be sort out.

What do you do when you are not photographing?

Studying articles and travel

Which programs you use for editing purpose?

Lightroom 5.7.1

What is the best advice you can give for the young upcoming wedding photographers?

My best frame came in 2000 first photographs which I analyzed for a month and then started shoot. The point is try to analyze what you shoot as much as you can. Just pressing the shutter will never make you a successful wedding photographer.

Try to understand the stage, set your images in your mind as much as you can.

What you have learned from your last wedding photo shoot?

How to improve for to show the story with image. We , the wedding photographers are the one who store the best part of any human’s life in a frame .So , improvement in doing that is what I try to learn from my every wedding .

Finally, what is your goal for life? As a wedding photographer.

Be the best wedding photographer of India

Some of the wedding photos clicked by Sougata Mishra

Awards Received so far…

      1. UK photography society ,The Photography Angle
2. Frames of India-5 representing India in USA

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