Today we introduce you with stunning wildlife photographer Laurent Baheux, Born in 1970, in Poitiers, France. Works with NIKON reflex cameras and lenses.

After first being involved in sport and current affairs photography, he later decided to devote myself solely to nature photography. In 2007, got success at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in the Creative visions of nature category provided the starting point for an artistic career based on animals and wildlife. For almost fifteen years, he have travelled to the last remaining protected areas on Earth, providing us with a visual record of the remnants of our wild planet.

He’s one of the best black and white wildlife photographer on earth, and got great recognition’s for his awesome photography…

Here are some of his wildlife in Black and White…

Ice is black…

( yes…that is the sad reality. It is black because it is melting under the twin effect of global warming and population growth, it is black because it is hiding the richest treasure and the most sought-after in the workd: the black gold, this is what Laurent Baheux says…)

Wild America

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