Lightroom presents enable photographer to obtain lot of images in high quality. However, issues can be noticed with few presets at the same time as it may not be compatible at all. Compatibility with the lightroom version is necessary. Even advanced and experienced photographers use lightroom presents. It is especially used during creation of Develop Module.

Benefits of using Lightroom Presets

Processing Speed: Fast editing of the images is possible with the use of lightroom presets. By simply clicking on the preset, you may able to get the effect. If the effect is not liked with the image then it can be changed easily. Therefore, lots of presets can be used respectively to know which one is working.

Usability:  If you look through the develop module then you may notice the fact that presets have been installed on the left hand side within the computer screen. Preview of the images can be seen by moving the cursor over the presets quite easily. So, the image can be seen easily seen through the navigator panel. Editing process of complex nature may not be encountered in the process at all. Lot of knowledge on the subject may not be required.

Steady Look: Through the edits, consistent images are required in some occasion. By using lightroom presets, it can be achieved as the setting can be managed quickly. Processing of the images is done in the same fashion. Distinct look yet a similar appearance can be noticed in the process.

Simple editing: In some occasion, lot of time may be required to observe changes with Lightroom Develop Module. Uniqueness can be noticed with each and every image. Similar effort has to be done for other images too. However, preset may able to offer you 80% similar result without taking lot of your time.

Specific look: Method of achieving a specific look may not be known by a photographer always. It may not be possible to know how certain effect is obtained. Lightroom presets can be used at the time. Through the presets, you may also able to know the way easily.

Innovative options: Photographer generally uses stocks method for enhancing the beauty of an image. In this way, they may become limited. However, they may not know that there are other ways also. Superior results can be ensured with the presents. Similar look may not be achieved by anyone. Ideas can be gained through browsing presets also.

Drawbacks of using Lightroom Presets

  • Support is offered to the JPEG and RAW files only within the periphery of lightroom.
  • From importing images from other devices, images can be edited on the occasion
  • Improvement is needed in the supporting processor of GPU. Requirement of polishing can be felt too.
  • Compatibility issues are noticed with presets from the third party.

However, it can be said that Lightroom is one of the best tools available in the market. Professional photographers have been benefited a lot in the process. There is no need to turn to other software as a result.

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