By looking at HDR Photography, you may say amazing. However, you may not know how these images have been developed. Some easy steps are basically seen behind the photography.

HDR Photography

HDR means High Dynamic Range. One or series of pictures are generally captured in diverse range of exposures. Compression of light can be noticed with the HDR photography. Therefore, it can be easily seen through the computer. It can be printed also. During sunset, if you try to capture an image directly then foreground may seem too dark. On the occasion, light meter may not be adjusted in proper manner. Shadowed foreground can be noticed at the time. Through HDR Photography, perfectly lit foreground and background can be found for an excellent image. Delightful picture can be obtained as a result

How to do it

Step 1:

Three images can be taken in different levels of light. It is a thing that can be done pretty easily with bracketing and setting of multiple exposures. Bracketing can be set at 2 EV. Therefore, images may be quite dark at the beginning. From the third photo, lightness can be observed. Due to lack of automatic setting, you may try manual setting to fix the aperture properly. Exposure valve must be set adequately in between shots also.

It is always better to capture first image with minus 2 EV. In case of second photo, it can be changed in to zero EV. However, the third image must come with plus 2 EV. One of the major things is to remember here that you must maintain the aperture priority always. Shutter speed alteration may not be noticed between the images ever. In this way, you may able to take three images. Blurry images with different DOF can be seen at times. ISO must be kept at minimum to get rid of noise completely. Long speed of shutter can be noticed at the same time. By using the tripod, problems can be kept at the bay naturally.

To get a perfect image, you must keep a low ISO. Priority aperture mode must be set. Minimum three images must be taken with EV increment of two at times. Single increment must be used with five image format. However, three images can be considered enough for high dynamic range.

Step 2:

Now, the pictures are uploaded and saved in a computer. For processing the images, requirement of software is felt. Through use of Photomatix Pro, best possible results can be observed. Conversion in to JPG may be required for the images that are shot in RAW format. Noise in the images may not be seen as a result.

For a moving HDR image, RAW files can be used with a great effect. However, broad dynamic range may not be noticed as it is moving.

Use of Photo Max Pro

By opening the software, you must select three images. Later on, these images must be aligned. Features must be matched for alignment. Imperfection in the frames can be avoided in the process.

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