Professional photographer uses simple technique of exposure bracketing in order to obtain picture in a location with difficult lighting conditions.

Through the light meter in the camera, aperture is never selected. Combination of shutter and aperture may able to give a perfect exposure for an image.

In case of exposures, two pictures are generally taken. One of them is generally more exposed that the other. Therefore, one image can be found with under expose format and another one can be found with over exposed format. However, light meter must be given importance at the time also.

Light can be deceived in some occasion. Here, the main subject must be either over exposed or under exposed. By taking minimum three shots, it is possible to assure best shots. In spite of taking an image in a brightly lit area, light level may be decreased due to use of the metering of weighted average nature.

Closing of aperture may be seen at the time in addition to rapid shutter speed. Therefore, main subject may appear under exposed. Surroundings can be over exposed due to an over exposure. However, the main subject may be properly exposed at the time.

Dark surroundings are seen in some occasion. Exposure in the camera can be seen due to lack of lights. It may be important to use slow shutter or opening of aperture at the time. Extra shots can be taken with under exposure setting. In this way, you may able to get a surrounding which is under exposed. However, the subject must be properly exposed.

Now-a-days, digital cameras come with exposure bracketing of automatic nature. By selecting the option prior to a shot, you may able to get three shots. In this way, you may able to get a properly exposed shot.

However, other two may be a little under exposed and over exposed.

So, is there any time to use exposure bracketing of automatic nature? In case of a challenging scene, you may try this option. Sunset time may be considered the best for theses shots. Uses of films are not seen anymore. Therefore, you must not think of wasted shot at all.

Burning, Digital and Dodging

Is it necessary to delete extra images immediately? In order to give reply to this question, one may say no. If there is enough storage space them you must keep three shots until it has been uploaded in the personal computer. By using software like Photoshop, all three images can be placed in layers. Later on, both the under exposed and over exposed areas must be erased to get a great image. In this way, properly exposed background and main subject can be found through the main shot.

Due to presence of the software, photographer can now shoot in extreme lighting conditions pretty easily. Different intensity, lights along with shadows can be noticed. As a result, loss of details can be experienced. If two more shots are taken at the time then details may not be lost at all. By placing the camera at one place with the help of tripod, you may able to take as much shots as possible easily. Later on, Photoshop can be utilized to expose the picture in perfect manner.

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