Lots of people are concerned over shooting in long exposure within the periphery of city. By the experts, it has been told several times that it may not be a difficult thing at all. Here are some things that you may like to remember as a photographer.

During the day, the city looks fascinating without any doubt. However, some magic can be encountered when lights are lit up in the evening. Metropolis can be jolted with these lights quite easily. From different corners of the streets, vibrant colors can be observed. Most of the cities are built close to the waterways or coastline. Therefore, it is possible to get a reflection of the city through the water. Still, most people are mesmerized with the beauty of the city lights. Very few exceptions can be found on the occasion.

Settings can be explained in order to get an amazing picture of the city. For photography shoot, it is important to have right kind of light. City shots can be taken anytime. However, some prefers to shoot in the dusk as the sky turns cobalt blue during this time. Both the yellow and red lights in the city look amazing with this background. Perfect color contrast can be achieved as a result. However, very little time can be obtained to capture the shot in this setting. 30 minutes following to the sunset may be ideal to capture the image.

Reflection looks amazing. Through the long exposure, you may able to immortalize the surfacing color over the water. To make the water still, it is better to use a shutter speed between 8 to 10 seconds. However, flow of the water may play an important role on the occasion. In case of rapid water flow, you may require more exposure time. Due to calm water, such thing may not be required at all. From the trial and error method, you may able to learn a lot of things on the way. As a result of shutter speed, images can become blurring also. Therefore, images may look a little bit empty. Shutter speed of longer nature may depend on the light. Dark setting may not good for shutter speed of long nature. Therefore, wait for the right light may be necessary. ND filter can be used at the time also.

By prioritizing shutter speed, you may able to decide about adequate aperture. However, manual mode can be tried at the time also. Neutral exposure can be offered by the camera at times also. Vivid and wide lights may work best at any given situation. By setting up the aperture and shutter speed manually, you may able to create over exposure
ISO valve must be kept low in order to decrease the noise within the image. Link between ISO, shutter speed and aperture can be seen. So, influence of one thing can be seen over other easily. By placing ISO valve low, aperture and shutter speed can be set for a beautiful image.

Still, it can be said that it may not be possible to find rules for using long exposures in city.

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