Through the infrared photography, a new world can be discovered. Capability of the photographer or the budget may not play too much importance on the occasion. Unseen objects are focused on the occasion. It may not be possible to see the infrared lights with the naked eyes. Infrared photography opens up a world that is pretty different from ours. By looking at the textures, colors, tones and patterns, it is quite natural to become mesmerize. Interesting and exciting things are presented. Technical advances may be required to use this form of photography.

In case of infrared phography, types of used lights are beyond human detection. Range of the light is between 700nm and 1200nm. Thermal imaging is associated with the IR or Infrared Photography. Popularity of the thermal imaging has gained with the movies like Patriot Games. During nighttime, living human object can be detected through the heat. Body heat can be measured in the process. Through the sensors of normal digital camera, heat cannot be detected or measured. However, digital camera can also do an excellent job in order to record IR in a perfect circumstance.

Infrared Photography in tight budget


Suitable Camera: From a credible source, adequate camera for infrared photography can be found. Location must be retained for inclusion of memory card. Charger and battery must be kept in the hand also. Some software is also used to produce an excellent image. Photo images can be downloaded through the software. Carry case can be brought along also.

IR filters of suitable nature: IR filter can be bought easily. You can visit photographic retailer for this purpose. Materials can be bought from online sources also. Therefore, difficulty may not be encountered at all. More than one filter can be purchased at a time. Placing of the filter must be far enough to get adequate result. Other filter elements can be used at the time also.

Basic Tools: Jeweler’s screwdriver may be needed at the time. Files for diamond-impregnate, glass cutter, masking tape, tweezers, blu tack and pen of semi permanent nature with fine point may be required also.

Perfect work place: Uncluttered, clean and perfectly lit workplace is certainly required. Due to this set up, work can be done quite naturally.

Consumables: Cleaning liquid, paper, epoxy liquid, handkerchief and ear bud must be kept in hand.

Time: Lot of time may be required for an infrared photography project. Therefore, you must not be in a hurry at all.

Things to Remember

  • Experimental process unfolds in front of you through IR Photography. It may not be possible to decipher the end result following to a click from the shutter. In this way, trial can go on for a long time. To get desired outcome, you may need to take lots of photos.
  • Sharp, clear or crisp focus may not be needed in case of IR photography. On most occasions, a ghostly appearance is encountered. The atmosphere of image can be considered dreamy also. In this way, surrealistic world can be offered.

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