On most occasions, commercial photography has been considered as a mix of special events and product photography. It can be big event or an occasion with mere 20 people at location. Therefore, it is really necessary to be aware of a grand situation as well as dark and dull space. Regardless of the situation, client may expect excellent photographs from you. The responsibility of the photographer is certainly to deliver according to desire. By taking care of some things, the process of commercial photography can be made much easier without any doubt. Following tips can be utilized for the purpose.

1. Dress according to the event

Being a photographer, you can attend work in casuals like a t-shirt and jeans. During post-production, scrutiny from the client cannot be expected. However, it is important to take care of the special events. If you are covering a corporate party then suit, tie and a blazer can be worn. It is certainly not required always. Still, you must be comfortable and dressed enough to mingle with the crowd in apt manner.

2. Pre-event shots must be taken

Client may not be always keen on the pre-event shoots. So, it can be considered as the responsibility of the event planner to take care of this matter. Before the guest arrives at the location, you must take some shots to show how the location is transformed due to the event. By the event planner, it can be utilized as catalogue. So, it can be sold to them afterward. In this way, invaluable service can be done to the client.

3. Overshoot is not required

Whether it is a special event or product photography, over shooting is not required in any given occasion. Confusion can be seen between under shooting and overshooting. Good time must be ensured to the guest. Shots must be taken in candid manner as well as in different poses. If some of the guests are clicked already then you must not go back to them again. So, mental notes must be made in the mind. Candid shots must be taken always in ambient light. Focus on the stage must be set following to a cocktail hour in a reception. Crowd shots must be nice enough. For product photography, detailing of the product must be given importance.

4. Be Quick

In an event, no one likes to stay with the photographer. So, you must not waste time at all. For candid shots, three to four clicks must be taken from a distance. Intrusion from the photographer is never liked. Long lens must be utilized for panel or stage affairs. However, wide lens can be apt for nearby things. To click from close, you have to be really quiet and quick.

5. Deliver as soon as possible

During commercial photography, measures are certainly taken to click images according to requirement. Still, some of the images are dumped in the trash. Something similar is always encountered in the edits. Between three frames, one may be little better than other. Only best photos must be delivered to the client at every given occasion. Strict and hard editing must be done always for best possible results.

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