In today’s Photographers Spotlight, we introduce Leonardo Guglielmo Papera…

Leonardo Papèra is a landscape photographer based in Tuscany, Italy; he always wanted to capture the beauty of nature, and since five years he started doing so with his camera.

During the years, he visited some of the world-famous photography paradises like Lapland or Iceland: his love for the cold regions of the planet and the incredible phenomenon of the aurora borealis brought him to these winter wonderlands.

The aim of his images is to show to people that can’t travel the wonderful places that this Earth has to offer; of course, he is also trying to put his personal vision and style to his photos to give a personal and recognizable look to his shots.

The thing that Leonardo loves about photography the most is that he is not working for anything or anyone, he is just photographing for his own pleasure and that’s the reason he will never get bored of this.

Leonardo has a lot of projects in his head, from returning up in the north to visit some tropical locations to shot some colorful wildlife; stay in touch with him through his social channels to read the news!

And last, here it is the link to the book that he wrote about the Aurora Borealis – Click here 

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