5 Tips for Perfect Portrait Photography

For the beginners in portrait photography, some tips can be offered by the experts for improvement. By using these tips, good images can be taken without any doubt. However, practice may be required on the occasion. Little bit of experimentation can be done too. In this way, you may able to discover a new way of clicking images.

1. Have a tight frame

If you are watching television then close attention must be paid to it. Can you see the area above the head? The answer to this question may be a resounding no.
Similarly in the portrait photography, lots of space must not be retained above. For a close up, it is better to cut just at the end of head. Unusual may be felt first. By seeing the images, you may know that everything is working just fine for you on the occasion. By cropping, it is possible to place the eye higher in the image. Perfect placement of golden section may be achieved in this way.

2. Focus on the eye

By placing the iris into the eyes, a mesmerizing frame can be created. It is better to ask the subject to gaze on the center. Here, center is according to the point of view of camera instead of subject.
Hand can be used here to give direction. Subject can be asked to look at the hand straight. Favorable position of the eye can be found in this way. Lights must be caught with the eye at the same time. Sunlight coming from the window can be utilized in perfect manner.

3. Capture the kids in wilderness

One of the best shots can be taken with the children as subject of photography. Natural smiles can be found for the images in this way. Fun photos can be clicked in an outdoor location instead of photo studio.
By using this technique, photography skills can be improved. Due to unpredictable nature of kid’s play, you may get a unique shot every time. However, it may be important to focus, frame and click images quickly on the occasion. Both patience and practice may be necessary at the time.

4. Look at the hands

Hands are never found in a neutral position with portrait photography. Something can be added to the images with the process. However, something can be taken out at the same time too.
By curling up the hand, a profile can be created. If you manage to show the hand from the back then an alluring image can be obtained too. In case, a subject does not know where to place the hand then a perfect spot can be chosen for the placement of hand.

Idle hands never look good in a portrait. Therefore, hands must be utilized for some work. Creative thinking may be necessary at the time. Use of prop can be seen for the purpose.

5. Use the sun for shoot

For a portrait of backlit nature, both evening and morning can be used in a brilliant manner. If the sun is lying low then it can be used as a rim light in order to highlight the face or hair in perfect manner.

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