Each type of photography has its own quirks. Shooting people is quite different from shooting animals or landscape. With practice and experience, one gets used to capturing people in their elements.

If you are planning to click models during an ad photo shoot or are involved with models who are looking to create a portfolio, these tips below will come in handy.

Know and choose the talent right

get the brief on what is the end objective of the photo shoot. Does it have a story or concept behind it? If you are doing it professionally, you will know which kind of talent to look for when you go through the models’ to select from if you know the background.

Brief the model about what it is going to be about

if you are shooting an ad for a dairy milk chocolate, you may want her to look cutesy as opposed to someone looking like she is about to heat up the ramp with her killer looks at the lens. Once you know the background, pass on the information of the shoot to those involved so everyone is on the same page. Share the tone of the shoot so they can prepare accordingly.

Prepare to meet her/him ahead to establish a comfort level

People have barriers, mental. These need to be broken down to make them comfortable in front of the camera and the person behind it. Professionals suggest contacting the person to know more about her. Going beyond the impersonal, one should get to know a bit more about the personality by talking to her, keeping the camera aside. Strike a conversation and allow them to come out. Once you have established that connection, they will be free flowing in front of the camera making it easy for you to direct her/him.

Lighting is an important aspect

After we have tackled the more human aspects of the shoot, we can get down to the technical. Shooting in a studio requires taking care of the lighting to get it right. Instead of solely depending on natural light, one may use the studio lighting. When shooting out, just remember to adjust the setting of your shoot so that the model doesn’t end up squinting at the sun.

Take candid shots

Often they turn out to be the best. Keep the camera rolling. Even after she has stopped posing, if you keep your eyes on, you might be able to capture her at her natural best. Those moments when the “look” doesn’t look to be forced but just a natural outcome of the trigger.

Keep in mind the elements

The shoot is occurring outside. That location could be a beach or the mountain tops. While the model may have to wear something totally in contrast to the surrounding ambience, we don’t want to make them uncomfortable and sick. Health is important, at all times. Keep water, shades, sun protection , warm clothes or even caps as may be necessary.


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