Hello, We are happy to announce that we are starting photo contests very soon, Stay Tuned!!

Contest Rules

Welcome to Snaptured.com Contest Rules!

Please read the below rules for submission to photo contests, these are the general rules for all the photo contests conducted by Snaptured.com. By participating and submitting photos to the contests you are abide and agree the rules.


  1. All contest at Snaptured.com are open to all photographers and any age group.
  2. All photos submited to photo contests must be original photos of submitting author.
  3. Each photos can be submitted to different photo contests
  4. All photos must be JPEG format only
  5. All photos shud be Good quality visibility, low quality or blurred photos will be disqualified
  6. Photos can contain Watermarks
  7. Adult/Nude photos are not permitted in any contests
  8. Submissions will not be accepted once deadline is over
  9. Photos must require unique titles
  10. Snaptured.com owns the right to terminate or disqualify photos which may not meet the above requirements


All the Best!!


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