Through the term focus stacking, a special technique of photography is indicated. Depth of field is generally enhanced with the focus stacking during post production. It is better to use long lens at the time. However, you can try macro lens also. Basically three factors are seen behind this kind of photography.

Focal length: Shallow depth of field is experienced with relatively longer lens.

Aperture: Too much opening of the aperture may lead to shallow depth of field.

Distance: If you are close to the subject then shallow depth of field can be noticed too. Importance of macro lens can be noticed at the time.
Requirement for the shoot

  • DSLR camera that can be used in both manual and auto mode. Focus capabilities of manual nature may be necessary at the time.
  • Tripod
  • Software for focus stacking or Photoshop
    How to shoot

Similarity between HDR and focus stacking can be noticed. Diverse ranges of focus points can be seen with the process. Later on, further depth of field can be added through use of software like Photoshop. Through single exposure, similar DOF may not be obtained ever. Both Landscape and Macro Photography uses this technique for their benefit. For a perfect image stationary objects and calm wind may be required.

Sweet spot of the lens must be discovered before the shoot. It can be considered as an aperture that enables you to take a sharp image. Setting must be done adequately always.

Landscape photography

In case of landscape shooting, two basic situations are noticed. The subject can be foreground object that may be placed quite closely along with an incredible background. Sharp focus can be noticed on the occasion. By using telephoto lens and covering lot of distance, focus can be made sharp.
Through the live view, you may able to know whether the shot is working or not. Later on, first exposure must be taken. By keeping the camera at the location, you can shift the focus mid-point to take a second exposure. Focus can be given to the farthest point to capture the third image.

Macro photography

Through the process of focus stacking, macro photography can be benefitted also. Issues with the depth of field are generally solved with the process.
Requirement of steady tripod is felt at the time. Subject must be framed properly to compose the shot. According to the subject, exposure must be determined. By using the manual mode, it is possible to keep the exposure constant. Live view may be necessary at the time too. First exposure must be taken adequately always. Following to the first exposure, second and third exposure must be taken also by shifting the focus according to your need. More images can be captured at the time too. By using software, depth of field can be added later also.

Processing Image

By opening the Photoshop, several images can be placed in layers. Source images must be aligned afterward. If you click ok then images can be seen in a new layer. From the layer palette, each and every image must be selected. Through the edits, blending of layers can be noticed. Colors and tones must be chosen appropriately to fill the transparent areas. Images are flatten and saved to obtain final image.

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