Photography has emerged as a hobby for many across the world. The development of digital cameras and the invention of newer and better technology have made this possible. More and more enthusiasts want to try their hand at clicking pictures. More so with the advent of social media platforms that allows to share your pictures with others around the world. It has become incredibly easier to share photos and get viewers to appreciate what you do.
Photography as a hobby may not bring you money, not enough to pay your bills. You must be good at it to start making money from it.

There are many ways to do so.

  1. Take your pictures to arts and crafts fairs and sell them. Frame your photos first.
  2. Upload the pictures in your website and sell them or sell them to sites like ImageKind.
  3. If you know a friend who runs a coffee store or café, get her/him to display your pictures on their wall. Post a line asking people to buy if they like.
  4. Enroll in a course and sharpen your skills. Use this skill to train others. Charge them by the hour.
  5. If you are good at your craft, sell your skills on social media asking friends if they need a pre-wedding shoot, a portrait prepared, or a wedding photographer. If you aren’t so confident, ask another expert to be there.
  6. When your friends celebrate their children’s birthdays, you can be their photographer of choice for a small fee. That way, you can have the cake and have some fun too.
  7. A baby’s birth is a special event for the couple and the family. Reach out to couples you know to ask if they would want to have you over during the child’s birth to capture those first few moments.
  8. There are real estate businesses that need photographers to capture pictures of their homes/apartments to put up on their website.
  9. Travel at your expense and click pictures. Edit them and put them up for sale if they are brilliant. Even if you can’t recover the expense of the travel, at least you will be able to recover your money’s worth of what you spent eating.
  10. Set up photo booths.
  11. Join editorials and newspapers as their photojournalist.
  12. Join a startup, especially a retail one. Click pictures of products and gain money.
  13. There is money to be made in the food industry. There are food bloggers who also click pictures. But there are some who need time to devote to the making of the food. Look for such bloggers in your city.
  14. Once you have a good collection of pictures that are frame worthy, hold an exhibition.
  15. Sell photos in iStock.

If you take a hard look at some of these, you might find further ways of making money. It is difficult and takes time. But if you keep going in the right direction once you understand what that is, you will find your dream.

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