Photography used to be black and white in the beginning. It has been the only available medium at the time. Color is brought in the world of photography in 1936 with Kodak Chrome. However, black and white is still popular among the people. Through black and white photography, an art form can be established quite easily. By some experts, it has been considered as one of purest types of photography.

Presence of color can be considered as a distraction. Concentration can be taken away from the building blocks in the process too.

So, is it possible to become an expert in black and white photography? By learning about tonal contrast, form, shape, texture and light, difference can be made in photography to some extent.

Refreshing change can be brought through black and white images quite naturally. Impression of a reality can be presented with the process too.

Look in to mono

Through black and white, the world can be seen in monochrome. However, everything cannot be captured in the shade of black and white. Some images may require color to make an impact. Therefore, it may be important to search for a subject that is apt for the occasion. Imagination must be utilized adequately at the time. By using techniques like toning and texture, images can be improved without any doubt.
RAW format of the DSLR camera must be used at the time. However, style must be set in the black and white mode. By looking at the LCD screen, you may able to know all about the images.


From an old building, texture can be obtained in the process. Lighting condition may play an important role. Standout effect can be obtained from a texture in the golden hour which is sunrise and sunset. Texture can be brought out through soft light also. Requirement of increasing contrast can be felt at the time.
Light during mid-day may not be good at all for the occasion. Due to the flatness of light, texture can be hidden completely.

Tonal Contrast

If a colored picture is transformed in to black and white then it may appear grey to some extent. Through light color, highlight can be ensured. However, dark tones generally come from dark colors. Excellent images can be clicked with proper utilization of tonal contrast.

Form and shape

Both shape and form can be considered as visual elements. It can be seen with each and every object. Through the shape, an object can be noticed in two dimensions. Images of tree branches can be taken wonderfully in the process.
Three dimensional objects can be found with the forms. Two dimensions are generally found through the photos. Challenge can be taken by the photographer to make two dimensional space three dimensions effectively. Flowing lines can be depicted perfectly in the process. Through side lighting, shadows can be created easily. However, it may be obscured with the backlighting and front lighting also.


Issues with the light may not be seen too much with black and white images. Overcast conditions can be used to create an effect on the occasion.

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