Enough light is important for photography. Influence of the light in image can be seen in diverse range of manner. Use of both direct and indirect light can be noticed at the time. Sun usually acts as the direct source of light. However, reflected light can be utilized at the time too. From another source or water, light can be reproduced at the time.
Capturing right amount of light is important for photography. Story can be created out of the photo with perfect amount of lighting. It is important to look at the intensity and temperature of the light. These elements may play an important role at the time. Requirement to look at the hard and soft light can be felt too.

Light is generally examined through following things.

  • Direction
  • Intensity or brightness
  • Soft and Hard Light
  • Temperature

Lighting techniques for Digital Photography

Influence of the light is quite certain in the images. However, sense of observation may not help you at all on the occasion. In addition to setting of the frame, you may need to look at the light quite certainly. By understanding about the light, certain effect can be developed. Previously, it may not be possible through mere framing.
For conveying a feeling, use of light can be noticed. Soft light may be necessary to create a romantic atmosphere with the image. The process is pretty challenging without any doubt. Deep shadows are generally created with the hard light. Therefore, it must be avoided as much as possible. In similar kind of lighting, a prison and wedding cannot be shot.

Emotional interpretation of an image can be changed completely with the change in light. Enhancement of some feeling may be possible in this way.

Photography in morning light

Due to softness of the morning light, similar intensity of a high noon cannot be observed at the time. Influence of the seasons can be noticed too. During summer time, white and bright light can be encountered. Therefore, contrast can be observed with the photography. Bright area can be found as well as shadow areas. The technique may work perfectly in case a story is told through the shadows. However, romantic portrait cannot be created out of it.

Golden Hour

Golden hour is also a part of morning light. It has been often considered as a magical hour also. Just after the sunlight, the time can be encountered. Difference in the duration may be noticed according to the seasons.
Due to low placement of the sun at the time, soft light can be produced. Flattering effect can be created with the process in comparison to mid day sun. Lesser contrast can be encountered at the time. Parts of the subject may not be missed ever. Pleasing feeling can be brought in to the scenario easily. Details can be picked up by long shadows at the same time. Both depth and texture can be added to the image through the process.

For outdoor photography, morning light can be used quite effectively. Therefore, techniques must be learned in perfect manner.

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