Meet the breathtaking black and white landscape photographer from China his name is Hu Fusheng.

Hu Fusheng, male, born in 1962, Anhui Shexian people, university meteorology in 1983 learning Movies and published works, host to visiting Huangshan Chinese and foreign photographers, famous painting like.

The scenery of Huangshan photo, black and white work 85 years before winning, 85.86 in photography training in Beijing Institute of Photography, 86 October left sitting US Black Hawk military helicopter shot Huangshan 30 sorties, Nikon, Hasselblad aerial Huangshan. Works at all levels has published newspapers, magazines and the like. Over the years to beat the scenery as the theme of building all over China. Continuous shooting Huangshan, Huizhou theme 30 years, a total of 500 times mountaineering. He won over 500 awards. Thousands of pieces of published works.

Currently in possession of all kinds of negatives 1 million. He worked as reporter and shooting films and television shows. Business filmed TV commercials, print advertising planning, design, and other agents. Currently using Leaf digital camera, Hasselblad, 4X5 Linhof camera and various other large fixed focus lens, large format lens name, 2008 to participate in filming the Olympic venues. 2010 Shanghai World Expo Hall to participate in the shooting. Meteorological familiar geography. Situation Chinese well-known photography. Willing to exchange with Taiwan, Japan, the United States and other countries counterparts. Familiar darkroom technique, film processing scan magnification production techniques.

Original photography: Huangshan China and around the color black and white infrared film photography: with 6 * 6 Hasselblad, Linhof 4 x 5 camera, Kodak, Fuji, Ilford German film (not digital sheet), with Hasselblad Art paper print scan.

Below are some be his best black and white award winning landscape photos




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