Vatsal Kataria, a renowned conceptual miniature photographer who worked for many international brands, and got featured in many magazines and social media platforms.

Hello and welcome to and thanks a lot for giving your valuable time for us, okey lets start with the questions

You have a fantastic and inspiring portfolio Can you tell us how you got started in Miniature and Still Life photography?

I Started in Photography 3 years back but i was into all wedding, fashion ,still-life and Street but i always inclined towards Still life because it gives me full control how i want to modify it where to place lights and all.So i decided to do only Still life and food.

One day i was in my studio totally free no work so was on Instagram and saw a photo of toy car near waterfall somewhere i loved that i wanted to do that but in Delhi there is no waterfalls or something like that So i had a thought why not make the location here in my studio.

So i just started experimenting, it took a while to create what i wanted but i was satisfied with the results.
I always had one thing in mind i do not want to use anything expensive so that somebody wants to try it they can.

What took you to be at this level? As a successful Miniature conceptual photographer

Its all practice i must say you cannot be a good photographer if you do not experiment with lights not just in studio but even if you are outside.
I always practice and do photo shoots even if i do not have any paid shoot.
So if you have some idea you must work on it and you will achieve it.
Dont just give up.

Its a long journey but its very beautiful journey.

What difficulties you face in the field of your photography?

Basic problem is that till now photography is considered as a hobby not a profession.
So when i started miniature lot of people thought i lost my mind but my family is always there for me.
Second thing was i had no idea how to make these different sets what to use what not to use But slowly i learned how to make them paint them shoot them.

What motivates you to take pictures and make them great?

I love photography no doubt about it,So when i show my photos to someone and when i tell them its miniature there reactions were amazing and astonishing.

Lot of people around the world appreciated my work so its a quite motivational.

Making them great is a long process i choose a reference image and making that concept into miniature and making them look realistic,It takes a while but its so fun doing it.

Typical question, which image is your very best till now? We know all of your images are best but we want to know that one best image ☺

There are 2 my favourite

The Island

The island because its was challenge for me to create something like that with minimum resources i mean something with water so difficult and the results are so good .

Snowy audi

Snowy audi because it was my first miniature photo to get published in international magazine Practical Photography.

What gear you usually use and what makes it different from others?

I use my Nikon D750 with 24-120mm and Elinchrome strobes.
I love my camera its so strong and sturdy don’t forget about its sensor beautiful beast i must say.
Its wifi feature is pretty helpful and weather proof too.
I use water,baking soda, gypsum a lot in my projects but i don’t have to worry about my camera.
Its basic setup its all in you how you sue it.

Do you like to do indoor/studio or outdoor Photography, and why?

I personally like indoor photography its easy to manipulate lights in studio and one day tried doing my miniature shoot outdoors lot of people gathered around irritate the hell out of me.

Which programs you use for editing purpose?

I use only Photoshop CC there is suggestion to everyone do not rely on photoshop first have an idea second make a great photo and use photoshop to enhance it.

What is the best advice you can give for the young upcoming photographers?

Advice to young upcoming photographer is do not take photography if you are just money minded its an art first you have to get perfect in your art then only you can make money.
second is just even for yourself click at least one photo everyday.

Finally, what is your goal for life? As a photographer

My goal is to be worlds best still life photographer its long term no doubt my short term goal is i want to became a face of Nikon for still life and miniature photography.


Some of the best photographs oa Vatsal Kataria


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